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Passionate About Inspiring Joy In Animals

Injoya was founded by fellow pet owners who are committed to improving the lives of pets. Injoya houses a selection of snuffle enrichment tools and wellness solutions that support a healthier, happier, and motivated lifestyle for our pets.

  • Stimulate Senses: Snuffle mats are not just another adorable toy your pet will enjoy playing with – a snuffle mat will stimulate your pet’s mind and senses, reduce stress,
  • Slow Feeding: If your dog tends to gobble up all their food in a matter of seconds, pour out their kibble on a snuffle mat, as it will force them to slow down as they’ll have to forage for kibble.
  • Mental Enrichment: An important part of canine enrichment is making sure their senses and brain stay sharp: snuffle toys and mats are an ideal way to do just that.
  • Easy to clean: No-slip backing and machine washable. Perfect for all breeds.
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Some dogs are used to gobbling up all their food at once and digestive issues are a cause for concern here. If you are looking for a healthy and fun way to introduce slow feeding to your dog, then this Dinner Table Snuffle Mat is the perfect solution!

Give them some challenge to finding treats anywhere in the mat spread through foraging. This will help stimulate their senses, get their brains working, and allow them to put in some work before they get the reward. This promotes mental enrichment and serves as a boredom buster too.

It is non-toxic and durable and made of safe and premium Polyester.