Dexas Popware Pooch Pouch Treat Holder Pro Blue


About this item

  • This flexible pouch is made from memory silicone, will not stretch or warp
  • Attached clip allows you to keep the pouch on your belt, waistband or clothing and your hands free
  • Perfect for training dogs and puppies
  • This clip pouch is easy to clean: dishwasher safe!
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Dexas Pooch Pouch Flexible Dog Treat/Training Treat Clip Pouch

Clip the Pooch Pouch onto your belt or waistband during walks or dog training sessions. This silicone pouch makes it easy to keep treats on hand for positive reinforcement and motivation.

Made from Memory Silicone

The Pooch Pouch by Dexas is a pet treat pouch made from Memory Silicone. This means it will not warp or stretch, and is soft to the touch.

Dexas: Innovative Solutions since 1969

The Pooch Pouch is proudly made by Dexas. Dexas is proud to offer a large assortment of Petware products including the MudBuster Paw Cleaner, Off-Leash Pet Toys, and a wide assortment of collapsible feeding bowl, pet food scoops and more.

Founded in Texas in 1969, Dexas has designed and produced top Homeware, Pet and Office items for over 50 years.